Microblading Effect Kit
Microblading Effect Kit
Microblading Effect Kit
Microblading Effect Kit
Microblading Effect Kit
Microblading Effect Kit

Microblading Effect Kit

Eyebrow Enhancement & Makeup Pen

“The Liposourcils Ink gave me the perfect well-defined microblading look” Julia, P.

Elevate your brows with the Microblading Effect Kit, it includes the two Liposourcils Ink shades: Brown and Chestnut. This remarkable duo pen allows you to achieve microblading-like precision without a trip to the salon. Experience flawless brow application with its specially designed tip, allowing you to create precise, "lash by lash" strokes that result in the appearance of naturally full and well-defined brows. Benefit from our brow-enhancing formula, enriched with the Mythical Botanical Complex, Coleus forskohlii, silk proteins, and expert peptides. This not only defines your brows but also nourishes and strengthens them over time.

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You may achieve naturally and instantly enhanced eyebrows with this expert eyebrow tint, enriched with natural ingredients for defined and beautiful brows.

 Brows are instantly defined in your makeup look

 The eyebrows gain density and better frame the face

 Eyebrows may also appear naturally darker

How to use

Each morning as a 28-day cure, to be repeated.

The Lipocils Ink is used like any other method of filling in brows with a tapered tip that makes for accurate and easy application of the product.

Choose a shade lighter than your natural brow color to "shade" the brow without hardening it.


 Step 1

Draw light lines with tip to fill in brows as part of your makeup routine

 Step 2

Ensure you coat your natural brows lightly

 Step 3

Use AM


 Step 4

28-day treatment, repeated every three months


Unique Formula: 

  • Talika Mythical Plant Complex (witch hazel, apple, nettle, horse chestnut, St. John's wort): stimulates eyebrow enhancement.
  • Coleus forskohlii: stimulates the synthesis of melanin in the eyebrow to intensify its natural pigmentation.
  • Peptide Expert: improves the quality of the eyebrow bulb to strengthen the anchoring of the eyebrow and slow down its fall. Anti-aging effect.
  • Silk proteins: cover the eyebrow.


Key ingredients:




 Horse chestnut

 St. John's wort

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